Same-Sex Marriage Ruled Out in New York, Georgia | Washington Post

The highest courts of New York and Georgia ruled yesterday that same-sex couples are not entitled to marry, delivering a twin blow to gay rights advocates that leaves Massachusetts as the only state in which such unions are legal.

Georgia doesn’t surprise me, but New York?! I’m sure it’s my basic human nature kicking in, as I’ve always been on the side of equal rights across the board on the marriage issue even though I’m not all that big a proponent of marriage itself, for anyone. But just like when I was growing up, the more “the man” tells me I can’t do something, the more I want to be able to, just to prove them wrong.


  • Outgoing NY Gov. George E. Pataki (R) said he will veto any legislation that would allow same-sex marriages, as he praised the court for preserving “what has been the law of this state for over 200 years.”
  • (R-NY) candidate for governor, John Faso, “Same-sex marriage runs contrary to the religious traditions of millions of New Yorkers of all faiths.”
  • (D-NY) candidate for governor, Eliot Spitzer, as state attorney general has defended New York’s definition of marriage. Yesterday, Spitzer said that work does not reflect his personal beliefs. “Should that law be changed? Yes,” he said.
  • And the cream of the crop: (R-GA) candidate for governor, Sonny Perdue praised the higher court’s unanimous ruling. “When we do a constitutional amendment, we are very respectful of the people’s voice,” he said. “Gay Georgians are free to work and to live their lives — they’re just not free to marry in Georgia.”

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