cookies, anyone?

Chocolate Chip CookiesDoes anyone local want cookies? I’ve been itching to bake some again, but with trying to be more healthy, even a ½ batch makes more than my willpower can handle. It’s the worst, since my kitchen is right off the front door of the apartment, the aroma of whatever was recently made lingers right as you come in. When I roasted the chicken, my entryway smelled of roast garlic for a couple of days — heaven! I’ve also got a few brownie recipes I want to try out and even some vegan recipes (I know I must be crazy now) that sound good. I’d love to get back into making desserts, but I can’t handle being confined in my apartment with sweet and fattening goodness in the kitchen.

If I knew anything about sending food, I’d be happy to ship it, but I don’t even know how to go about that. Perhaps I need to throw a dessert party…

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  1. Krista says:

    I bake on Thursdays or Friday mornings and take my extras to the Stargate/Dr. Who event on Friday nights. Or, I take my extras to work and share w/ coworkers and students.

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