Nobody pouts going into a jiggy.

From The Consumerist, Circuit City had a rather extreme reaction to being spoofed by Mad Magazine. From an internal memo:

Immediately remove all issues and copies of “Mad Magazine” from your sales floor. Destroy all copies and throw them away. They are not inventoried, and your store will not incur shrink.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this!

They really need to lighten up and realize what a compliment it is to be parodied by Mad. Head to the site to see the full spoof, it’s a really good one. Especially the sales copy for the Wii.

Update: I was wondering if this was for real considering that while I know some Best Buy stores sell books (and magazines?) I had never seen a Circuit City that sells one. Apparently some (40 out of 700) do and The Consumerist got a letter from their corporate communications department.

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  1. pyack says:

    this is HIGH-larious.

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