a very catchy tune indeed

This is a jingle that it’s been pretty difficult to avoid as its been used in both a car and a snack chip commercial. Something about the simplicity of it really grabbed me. I idly wondered what it was but not enough to seek it out. Well today the car commercial was immediately followed by the snack chip commercial and seeing as how we were having such a lovely sunny day, I did some digging.

[flv:5yrstime.flv 320 262]

[Noah and the Whale – 5 Years Time at the Hype Machine]

It’s such a fun song and a cute video, definitely worth 99¢! Since I actually appear in Super 8 videos (some even from Disney World), I love seeing anything shot in it. :mrgreen: I hope everyone’s having a lovely fun and sunny weekend!

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  1. Neal says:

    My grandparents had a Super 8 camera when I was growing up. They filmed me the day I was brought home from the hospital and every holiday/birthday/special occasion until 1986 when my uncle bought one of those new-fangled VIDEO CAMERAS. For Christmas one year they had all 15 years of film transfered to VHS for me. I burned it to dvd a few years ago. Sadly the film was all silent so you don’t get to hear me sing along to Olivia Newton John at age 7.

    Let me be there the morning, let me be there in the night

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