It is also not a charity ball…

Danie got me started this morning, so she is surely to blame for this.

I’m sure we all have those moments where we reminisce about old tv shows and theme songs and how cheesy they were. And while you lose yourself in your memories for a bit, something… perhaps a sense of self-preservation or maybe coolness-preservation stops you about a nanosecond before you would find yourself belting out, “Life’s..! Not..! The French Riviera…!

No? Just me? Ok, then… 😈

I am also very happy to finally know where the “Step 3: Profit!” joke comes from.

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3 Responses

  1. Esprix says:

    Oh, it’s not just you. I LOVED that show. “We’re maaaaaakiiiiiiing a living!” 😀

  2. Gilahi says:

    Mmmmm….. Ann Jillian…… Mmmmmm…….

  3. Fredo says:

    OMG! I used to watch that show every Saturday… it aired in syndication a half-hour or so before "Golden Girls."

    Me? Gay?!

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