fitness: Day One

Sunrise at Navy Yard waterfront, April 2013

Some people go all fitness-crazy in January. I am clearly not one of those people…

Honestly, yesterday was Day One, but if I’d said it on April Fools Day, who would have believed me? Then again, who believes me now? **crickets** Anyway… I normally just give in that late Fall through to Winter won’t be super-exercise seasons for me. I get out and about, sure, but it gets too cold, snowy and icy for me to do my weekend walking, and it’s a lot easier to take the bus or a car to my usual carousing spots, where all you want to do is eat comfort food, which makes a lot of my efforts a write-off.

Apple Health app dashboard But DC is finally experiencing something akin to Spring, and my weight has plateaued higher than I’d like. I dance up and down the scale, and I do have a long-term goal, but right now this is about getting back to some exercise, healthier eating, cooking more of my own food that’s real food and not just bacon1. It’s not a cleanse, it’s not a detox a la Absolutely Fabulous, it’s more about some self-discipline. I already know that Spring and Summer mean I’m out and about more anyway, and it also means day-drinking and happy hour food specials, and I don’t want any of that to stop, why would I?! However, I can certainly balance it out with exercise and better habits on the days I’m not playing Urban Bohemian–Man About Town2.

Also, god forbid I have to deal with anything more health-related, I’d rather be in the best shape I can be when I encounter it. And to be honest? The even more selfish reason? Who doesn’t want to look better naked… especially maybe to others? I’ve long maintained that if it isn’t your job, or your hobby, most people who are hitting the gym like it is their job are in there because they want to look good naked, and have others look at them and think, “Yeah, I would very much like to tap that. Cancel my appointments for the day.”

Dupont Circle Fountain panorama, March 2015

Worry not, my level of selfies will remain pretty much where they are and I have no designs on downloading Snapchat… again. I promise I will try not to become an exercise evangelist, because I can’t stand them myself. I have bought a cheap heart rate monitor to better track my fitness goals. I will never however turn my nose up at your lunch when I’m trying to enjoy my salad3. I will not ask you to come with me for a walk with me because they are usually both very early and very fast, however… I will say yes if you ask to come with me. The pictures of awesome cocktails and meals won’t disappear, but I can’t promise that pictures of green smoothies won’t starting showing up regularly. And I’ll still post recipes, but I’m definitely rotating in some healthier ones4.

So yay Spring, yay fitness, yay salads!

Wow… no matter how many times I say it, those last two just aren’t ever gonna sound right. :mrgreen:

1 Mmmmm, bacon.
2 I may have to turn that into a webseries.
3 After lunch yesterday, I said, “That salad really filled me up!” And I almost believed myself for an entire minute.
4A whole roast chicken for one is healthy… right?

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  1. dakrólak says:

    I swear by my bacon on everything, a whole chicken IS HEALTHY, and salads never really fill me up diet! Good Luck, I’ll be cheering you on…all while drooling at your food porn.

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