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Prospective workplace pre-requisites?

urbanbohemian: Actually, it kinda hit me yesterday. I wanna work with “my people”. khowaga: You want to work with gay African-American web developer food snobs with a heavy caffeine addiction? That’s not exactly what I meant, thanks Chris. I think...


Bloody noses all ’round!

I was in line in the Starbucks this morning and the guy behind me says to his friend, “Yeah, they moved me from a cube to an office so they can build our team more offices.” — and I wanted...


These are saved!

Elaine: No, these are saved. Man: All of them? C’mon, you can’t take *four* seats. Elaine: What, is that a rule? Seinfeld, "The Movie" I know there is no hard and fast rule on saving seats. I hate doing it,...


Füd, Glorious Füd!

I really should have picked up some red wine to go with this meal. I’m all for health, but water just was not cutting it. I picked up the cut of meat at Trader Joe’s when I was out near...


Forget and forget

At what point do you stop letting people say they’ll do something whether for you or with you because they never follow through? Do you tell them the truth about it or do you just ignore them after a certain...


Can I get a do-over on that comment?

Just to share with you the intelligent discourse that I engage in throughout my day. kudzu71: I’m going to Starbucks. Want anything? urbanbohemian: Bring me back a quad venti sugar free non fat vanilla latte urbanbohemian: Oh no wait.. I’ve...


(And So Can You!)

I’m trying to be sold on this, really, but it’s just kinda ok. I think maybe his character is starting to wear on me a bit. Still, he’s a very good book narrator, so it is working on that level....


It’s a conspiracy!

The plot continues. This morning the Starbucks only had mugs lids* for tall cups, no grande, no venti. It’s all a big scheme to deny me my caffeine! * See? I can’t even remember English anymore without my bean!


You know the drill

How about we celebrate today in honor of those headline grabbers that cannot, or will not come out of the closet? I especially feel bad for the politicians and clergy who are denying who they really are and at the...


This is SO my day

Dear Condo Board: Thank you so much for deciding to turn off the air conditioning today, the outside temperature of 81°, much higher than is normal for this time of the year, will be reflected within our homes all the...