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well said

The musical Rent always seemed to be walking a weird line between pandering to and butt-kissing its imagined audience, and simultaneously sneering at the people who actually had a hundred bucks a seat to spare in order to see it....


but I’ve nothing to wear on public transport!

Public transit via Google | Google Blog I figured it was only a matter of time before they caught onto to increasing the power of their mapping/directions system to something that will benefit people who don’t drive all the time...


30 second X-Mas Story

Reenacted by Bunnies, naturally! Christmas Story Sadly it has a Starz promo at the end, but the lead in is “For more bunny action…” *awwww, yeah.*


paint it gold

I was in Barnes and Noble last night and saw this book on the seasonal cheap reads table, The Official Guide to Christmas in the South: Or, If You Can’t Fry It, Spraypaint It Gold. For a moment I was...


nibble or munch?

Trying to post this with a straight face… from A-Z of bananas | ivillage Psychologists have identified five personality types based on the way people eat bananas: Nibblers peel the banana slowly, carefully eating only the exposed area – they...


Buy, Play, Trade, Repeat

Buy, Play, Trade, Repeat | New York Times Damian Kulash Jr., the lead singer for OK Go on file sharing and DRM.


A Tissue Of Lies

A Tissue Of Lies | washingtonpost.com A cute looking into the milk-bread-and-toilet-paper (MBTP) myth. One amusing excerpt, Look! gawp the TV weather people, zooming in on denuded supermarket shelves, as if a Dupont Circle supermarket had suddenly turned into a...


It’s a perfectly cromulent word!

List of neologisms on The Simpsons | Wikipedia I use Purple Monkey Dishwasher all the time when someone asks me to repeat a mumble, but this list is great. Most of the articles on Wikipedia are filled with incorrect info,...


you are cordially not invited

Just a little something that came up throughout the weekend… This is a very social season, so it’s expected that there are a lot of parties going on, all the time. And of course not everyone is going to be...



It was a fun weekend, I know I’m still sick though (waiting for a bus at 1:30am in Dupont Circle can’t have helped matters). This morning I feel a little tummy nauseous and have a sore throat and since I...