Life’s a martini & you’re the shaker!

I'm making lasagna! Photoset on FlickrSuccess! The lasagna turned out to be pretty easy to make and delicious. I tried to document* most of the steps along the way using this recipe from Ina Garten and it made me realize the things I like about cooking and some of the things I HATE to do. But so long as the end result turns out well, it’s all good.. and it was. I tried a blondie recipe, but it didn’t come out looking like I’d hoped however I haven’t given it the taste test just yet.

Otherwise I had some good tunes, some good IM chats, a little Tivo love, a little pampering and some CoH before bed. It was a quiet evening at home, no feelings of loneliness or bitterness, just me. And for probably the first time in years spending St. Valentine’s Day on my own… it was ok.

I’m nearly done reading Fledgling and while the book had an amazing build up, it feels like the ending is sort of a let down, at least to me. I was hoping for a little more, but it’s still a very good book and a great read. I think I’ve primarily read it on metro commutes which shocks me a bit since I generally feel like the commute is too short to really focus on anything, but I proved m’self wrong. Time to find the next book!

* Link to photoset on Flickr

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  1. Lindsay says:

    And for probably the first time in years spending St. Valentine’s Day on my own… it was ok.
    Braggart. 😉

    I barely even notice that holiday anymore. after this long, it’s not noticeable. but my co-worker flashing around her new, Canadian, non-linked-to-terrorism diamond earrings does make me a leeetle bit jealous.

  2. Brian says:

    The next time you see someone flashing diamonds around, just think of the following:

    One of my favorite Family Guy snippets.

  3. Munsel says:

    Hey Brian,
    Your website is great. How are you doing? We have to catch up one day. Talk to you soon.

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