Cool Summer

I feel like my dad’s gonna pop his head in at any moment and ask who’s been messing with the thermostat. Just walked outside to grab lunch and it’s cloudy as anything sure, but I can take that since it comes along with mid-60 temps! It’s not the bright, clear, sunshine-y day that makes you want to play hooky, but it made me walk around a bit longer before heading back inside.

Tonight’s a dinner party with Ev and Susanne, I’m in charge of the chicken, so it’s pretty much the same recipe as before, with the exception of torturing the chicken in a brine first. Ev did this with the turkey last Thanksgiving and it tasted amazing, and it’s pretty easy, the right concentration of salt to water and add whatever other flavorings (usually sugar or cider) and let it sit for a few hours or overnight. I’m looking forward to seeing how it cooks and how it tastes! Otherwise I’m freaking out a little bit over where to put my guests. Anyone that’s seen my place knows that even at its most clean and tidy, there’s really only enough room for 1 person, maybe 2 if they’re “very close.” Part of the meal may well be on tv trays, but it’s all good, I just want to clear the paths and give the kitchen and bathroom the once over with some cleaner. Pics of the meal are sure to follow.

Aside from dinner, as it’s pretty low key, we’ll probably just catch up, I haven’t hung out with them in a while now, damn that burgeoning social life! And I have to decide if I’m up for a trip to Baltimore this weekend or not. The odd progression of this week with the stop & start has me feeling like it’s been longer than it really has, which is silly when it’s totally the reverse.

Oh and a very special Happy Birthday goes out to… Tai Shan*! There are a few Butterstick Bashes around area, one down the road from me at Chief Ike’s Mambo Room.

* I sincerely hope you didn’t think I meant Dubya…

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  1. Lindsay says:

    A friend of mine made Cornish game hens soaked in brine and then grilled for a party before I stopped eating meat. They were delish. I’ll be interested to hear how the cider affects it too.

    I keep thinking of your dad saying “who’s been messing with the thermostat?” as I walk from one warm room to a cold room around the house.

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